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Those have the advantage, that you can add animations to them and you do not depend on furniture anymore.However they only work on land where the owner allows rezing.On that matter please read this post: Playing the opposite gender in Second Life? Emoting is describing what, and most importantly how you do something.It is written in open chat or IM using third person.For the sake of aesthetics, please make that effort! Some people find those xcite attachments very sexy.

It is certainly not a turn on to look at an avatar, with a cock that looks like made of wood and has a different color then your avatar’s skin.“Caroline opens her bra and lets it slide down to the floor, smiling suggestively and says: „you like what you see? This gives an erotic encounter a completely different quality as opposed to just looking at two avatars playing animations.The entire encounter is basically a combination of both: animations and emotes.Technically what you do is, you write /me before whatever you want to write.This will format your text slightly different then normal speech in open chat and removes the: after your name.

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    As I read through comments about safety (bring mace, schedule a safety call, send a picture of him and your location to someone you trust), and finding… He told me that he is that “unavailable” guy that so many self-help books and articles are written about.