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While Sagal worked to avoid being typecast, some roles were nods to Peg Bundy.In 1998, Sagal starred in the Disney movie Smart House, playing a computer avatar to look after the home of a single father and his kids.In 2005, she made two appearances on Lost as Helen Norwood.In 2007, she had a role in the season finale of The Winner as Glen Abbot's former, and Josh's current, teacher, with whom Glen has his first sexual experience.The following year, she appeared in four episodes of the short-lived series Eli Stone.

Sagal continued on for a third season of the show, when it was retired.Sagal's first major role was as a newspaper columnist in the short-lived NBC series Mary which starred Mary Tyler Moore.This led to her being cast as Peggy Bundy on the sitcom Married... She portrayed the lower-class, sex-starved wife of shoe salesman Al Bundy.She wore the same Peg Bundy bouffant, but the difference being whereas Peg was lazy and wanted nothing to do with motherhood, in this case she thought it her role to take care of a man and his children.In 1999, Matt Groening cast her as the purple-haired, cyclopian spaceship captain, Leela, in his science fiction animated comedy Futurama.

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