Acquaintance for dating

Let other people know what you are doing so they can check up on you if necessary.You can explain to your friend what you are doing and have a general discussion about ensuring you are safe with someone you have never met in person, which is perfectly normal and sensible when taking online friendships offline.This may provoke an assurance of it being a non-romantic/non-sexual invitation from him, but if it doesn't you will still be able to retreat safely if you do encounter unwanted advances.

These should be perfectly fine things to talk about, but some creeps think that any willingness to mention these things means you're "loose" or want to have a relationship with them and are "testing the waters".Refer to your previous experiences to explain why you want to discuss it with him: Hey, Onlinefriend, I'd like to see you in person, but I'd also make it extra clear that I'm happily in a close relationship and as such I'm only open to have a friendship with you.You know, it happened to me in the past to meet other online friends who assumed that the meeting was a date; I think I could have spared them and myself the misunderstanding and the disappointment had I only been clear enough.Recently he offered to drive 2 hours to take me out to dinner and hang out.While I'd like to meet up with him in person and develop a further friendship, I'm a little uneasy because I've discussed how I currently have a partner (to which he acted indifferently upon discovering), yet this offer sounds potentially date-like to me based on the distance he's willing to travel and the particular restaurant he suggested.

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