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Edit: this was meant to be posted as a reply to this comment here Pip3 is probably linked to python3.5. This will get around pip3 being linked to a different version of Python. If you get a "no module named pip" error (or something along those lines), then pip needs to be installed for 3.6.

I'm replying from my phone so I don't have a link, but I would suggest googling "" which one of the top results should be a file or a site with a link to the file you can download with that name.

All of the scripts can be found on my github at these links: Camsoda Streamate Camster Cam4My Free Cams Chaturbate All of these are written in Python, and require python3.5 .

EDIT: Seems like your script is broken for Trans, when I put it on it don't work anymore.Although I have not ran into this issue, that does not mean you won't, or that the sites wont begin monitoring and banning IP addresses in the future.The one issue I had ran into was recording a high number of webcams from camsoda on a single machine (single IP address).I ran a different setup than this for the mass recordings.It was a clustered system, and it had some "auto capture" conditions like number of viewers, new models, scores, tags....

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