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Jennings also dropped her motion seeking relief under the Racial Justice Act Thursday. HUDSON]: I'm considering all the anal injuries and the injuries to the genital area, rather all the injuries together as part of an assault. In 1990, her four-week trial created such a stir that spectators, most of them women, filled the courtroom each day waiting for fresh details. To me there's a sexual assault as well as a generalized assault. Hudson had previously testified that in his opinion insertion of a blunt instrument caused the injuries to Jennings' anus, and that a forceps could have caused the injury to the head of the penis. Hudson used the term "sexual assault, attack" merely to describe the pattern of injuries. Hudson stated a legal Conclusion, "sexual assault or attack" is not a legal term of art which carries a specific meaning not readily apparent to the witness.

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Our system of justice cannot tolerate the freakish result whereby one death-sentenced prisoner is fortunate enough to be assigned a direct appeal lawyer who raised a clearly meritorious issue, Sermons said in his order, while another death-sentenced prisoner with the same claim is executed because her lawyer missed the issue. Because her crime is decades old and subject to laws that no longer apply, she could technically become eligible for parole. But in reaching an agreement, Jennings attorneys dropped a separate claim that the State Bureau of Investigation concealed favorable lab results and used false and unreliable evidence to win her conviction and death sentence. 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Hudson testified that in his opinion most of the wounds were fresh, recent, suffered "pretty close to time of death," and not self-inflicted. HUDSON]: The great bulk of the injuries in my opinion occurred about the same time. [PROSECUTOR]: [Is it] possible that these--that all of these injuries would have been sustained in a fall? HUDSON]: No, sir, my opinion is that these injuries were not received in a fall. Because one has to consider not only the individual injuries in their size and shape and location but one has to consider them all together and this pattern simply does not fit with a--with a fall. Specifically, defendant contends that three witnesses--emergency room nurse Pearl Chandler, medical examiner Dr. They described her speaking to him in cold, unloving tones that could escalate into physical abuse. Finally, the amount of mucus collected in the lower part of Jennings' bronchial tubes was "common in persons who die slowly of multiple injuries." The challenged testimony summarized this pattern of injuries and constituted a medical Conclusion which Dr. That is, they were all fairly fresh, fairly recent injuries. [333 NC Page 601] [PROSECUTOR]: What does this pattern indicate to you, sir? HUDSON]: In my opinion, this pattern of injuries fits with assault, attack. Price, and Wilson police detective Adams-- testified about statements made to them by three prior witnesses--paramedic Lee Fowler, nurse Frances Dineen, and Dr. In each case, defendant argues, the witness' testimony contained [333 NC Page 602] "entirely new evidence" and therefore was inadmissible to corroborate prior testimony. E.2d 790, 794 (1987) (citation omitted) (emphasis added) (quoting State v.

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