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Complete the word and its blank but just the first 3 letters brings up a whole menu if explicitness.

Type in masturb and you will be disgusted as I was and see the app should be shut down for child pornography.

Family decision was made to delete the app tonight amid lots of tears and even I was sad to see our cute videos go. Plus, only the people following you can watch your videos if you have a private one.

Wish there was a version of this app for kids with say, Radio Disney pop songs and sound bites only. There is a bit of swearing in the songs, but you can always choose a different song.

It still allows them to see anything they want on there.

claims to not allow explicit or sexual content on there.

We have young kids and their friends have this app. After reading reviews on here and doing a little investigating it is coming right off.

Well go to a search and put the first three letters fuc and see what comes up.

It seemed potentially much more desirable than having the kids stare at the TV for their downtime entertainment.

My kids had worked together and used our pets, stuffed animals and even we parents got in on making some pretty hilarious music videos.

Teenage girls and possibly younger showing everything. There's also kids that can't be more than 10 years old cursing, dinging curses and singing about oral sex. This is absolutely disgusting and horrifying and not even appropriate for 18 year olds in my book.

Do not let your child on This app is so easy to use and allows the creative juices to really flow.

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