Are owain yeoman and amanda righetti dating in real life

For a less than amazing episode that felt more derivative than anything else, “The Golden Hammer” sure knew how to make us sit up and pay attention – with one hell of an ending.

The episode (and we’re getting a little tired of saying this, now, but what else can we say) was still enjoyable, solely because of how fun-loving it now is.

Though there was talk of the show possibly finding a new home on cable, with the various resolutions the characters received, that seems unlikely.

In 2014, Owain was reunited with Bradley Cooper when he starred in American Sniper (2014) in which he was cast by Clint Eastwood.

He is also slated to appear in the titular role of "Henry" in the independent feature "My big brother Henry" set for release in the same year.

He is an avid animal rights supporter and works closely with PETA and The Humane Society of The United States.

Owain lives in Los Angeles with his wife Gigi and their French Bulldog Cash.

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