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But there are new creative ways of keeping a relationship fun and spicy,” said O’Connor.Social media and apps like Skype and Face Time have revolutionized relationships for busy people or those living apart, she noted.

Since 1995, this dating site has absolutely crushed the competition.Two weeks ago, one of her male clients from Virginia said he didn’t want to visit a woman in D. “Just insisting.” Jacoby said this can be off-putting for women who do not feel safe traveling to a place they’re unfamiliar with to meet a stranger on a first date, and it’s a gesture of courtesy to meet her at a place she’s more comfortable with. C.-based clients, however, and the problem can sometimes be caused by them not owning a car. Abby Tannenbaum, 24, has lived in Columbia Heights for the past year and a half and says that the commute to Arlington is just too far.‘Ladies never go to Arlington for any guy’ This squares with the transportation woes that several D. residents cited when retelling their stories over social media messages this past week. There is no way that I would like anyone enough to keep going out there,” said Rosalyn, 34, who lives in Northeast D. She told ARLnow she once had a second date scheduled in Arlington “to do him a favor since the commute to D. is something he always had to do.” “I took a Uber there only to be stood up and had to take a Uber back,” she lamented.For a more upbeat vibe, they said their clients have enjoyed tapas at Palette 22 or sharing jumbo margaritas at Guapo’s, both in Shirlington.Meeting people becomes increasingly difficult as you get older.

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