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"The way I go about encouraging healthful weight loss is by working on changes one at a time," she said."By making these changes bit-by-bit I think you have a better shot at having long-lasting lifestyle changes." Real-life weight loss?Doug got this idea for a show and he said, “We’re gonna base it off of [Mark] Wahlberg’s crew.I want to talk to your boy Kevin Connolly.” At the time Connolly was like, “I’m done acting, I just want to direct,” but Doug really wanted to meet him.He came to set ready to discuss the character, the actions, the story and did it all with the best jawline in the business. In the past seasons, the weight-loss reality show has repeatedly set new benchmarks for heaviest contestant (454, 476 and 526 pounds), fastest 100-pound weight loss (seven weeks), and most weight lost in one week (34 pounds).Show medical consultant and UCLA professor Rob Huizenga had to drag one protesting contestant off her bike when she was stricken with severe cramps.A second contestant, 526-pound Michael Ventrella, was treated for exhaustion.

"So the message, to me, is just all wrong." So is the science.

I love letting the actors play around so I stay open to their suggestions and if anything takes us out of story or character then I’ll reign ‘em back in.

Stamos is all pro and serious when it comes to sticking to the story.

Losing weight rapidly can be risky, according to Virginia Tech professor of human nutrition, foods and exercise Janet Walberg Rankin.

Patients who lose weight quickly run the risk of gallstones, mineral deficiencies, loss of muscle tissue and reduced bone density.

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