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In soccer, "nutmeg" refers to a move where one player gets past an opponent by dribbling the ball right between his legs.

Check out an example courtesy of Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Is it 'bale out' or bail out', and should there be different spellings for the different meanings of the phrase?

Those meanings would be a good place to start: - Make an emergency exit from an aeroplane, using a parachute, - Ladle water from a boat, - Liberate from prison, into the security of a guarantor, - Jump from a surfboard/skateboard/bicycle etc., in order to avoid getting injured, - Step away from a pitch in baseball.

Two bloggers each referenced former Harvard quarterback Barry Wood, who may have used the phrase to describe college football critics in 1931.

Chick Hearn was a legendary broadcaster for the Los Angeles Lakers, and according to the team and NBA, he was responsible for coining the term "throwing up a brick." To brick means to miss badly, and a bricklayer is someone who misses badly with regularity.

According to John Beattie of NESN, it could've had something to do with hat manufacturers promising free merchandise to players in exchange for a three-goal night.

Still, others think the history dates back much further, to a 19th century cricket match."Southpaw" is just another term for a lefty, but where did it come from?

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There is a 'correct' spelling for each however, based on whether the expression in question derives from 'bale' or 'bail' and, more significantly, where you live.

Despite its riskiness, Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive has pitched cherry picking as a legitimate strategy, according to Grantland’s Zach Lowe.

A "Monday Morning Quarterback" is someone who feels comfortable criticizing or providing opinions on something that has already happened.

The word "love" generally means adoration, affection and, you know, warm fuzzies. The origins of this word as a part of scoring are the subject of some dispute.

In baseball, the letter "K" represents a strikeout.

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