Benefits from consolidating databases

it can be defined simply as reduce the number of physical SQL servers, by migrating/moving different SQL databases running on different servers into one high performance server machine.

Early in the process of a consolidation project, you will create a profile to help identify which applications are good candidates for consolidation.

IT professionals have known for years that database consolidation offers a wide range of benefits, including reduced equipment costs, significant savings on license management, and a more productive, integrated system that lowers latency.

To take advantage of these benefits, companies often choose Oracle Exadata machines for consolidation, due to their high performance, fully integrated platform, and simplified management of mixed environments.

If you’re looking for a clear understanding of how consolidating your multitenant database can reduce your Paa S footprint, Centroid would be happy to set up a proof of concept, so you can see the benefits for yourself.

For example, the proper consolidation of SQL Server databases scattered across multiple older generation servers can save you up to 60% in operating costs.

Newer generation servers using solid-state drive (SSD) storage on cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, provides even greater performance with fewer cores.

In the current economy, businesses are seeking ways to become more competitive, more efficient, and more able to anticipate and meet client needs.

Businesses with a holistic view of their departments, suppliers and customers, and how those different areas interact with each other, are in a stronger position to make more successful decisions.

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