Best book about dating

If you’ve ever struggled with dating (or, at the very least, had plenty of mishaps of your own), Heaney’s laugh-out-loud book might just be the one for you.As a twenty-something who has never fallen in love or had a real boyfriend, she writes about unrequited crushes, the (very real) struggle of connecting with potential partners, and the pervasive feeling of being the lone wolf when all your friends seem to be paired off.If you’re worried about entering the dating field as a new player, this is a great read to keep your spirits high, even if things aren’t always looking so great.Erin Mc Laughlin’s dating manifesto is short, but it gets the point across: in ten points, she makes it clear that a lot of us deserve a lot more than we’re willing to stand for, and she wants to change the game for women everywhere.Dating is fun, but I also think we can all agree that at times, it can be straight up exhausting.With new dating apps cropping up every month and gender expectations changing all the time, dating is somehow both easier and harder than ever before.After all, while Brittani’s not-so-love story might sound a little crazy, it could easily happen to anyone.I read Katie Heaney’s memoir in college, and boy, did it resonate with me.

Dating can take a lot out of you — sometimes you just need to focus on the tiny beautiful things.

Check out our favorite reads about dating, from self-help books to tell-all memoirs that cover the woes and wonders of dating in the modern age. You Tuber Brittani Louise Taylor learned this the hard way, which she shares in her debut memoir.

When she met Milos, a hot Serbian doctor who was studying in San Diego, she had a weird feeling about him, though she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Mc Laughlin opens up about her own struggles in past relationships and deconstructs social constructs that oftentimes plague (primarily heterosexual) relationships. The title of this book says it all: author Jennifer Wright took a good, hard look at our world’s history and pinpointed the 13 worst breakups of all time.

Mc Laughlin is funny, insightful, and smart, and if you walk away from this read with anything, it’ll be an idea of what to do in your next relationship — and what you really, really shouldn’t do. This is definitely a good read if you’re struggling to put your past behind you or grappling with guilt over your actions, because Wright is able to put your own bad breakup into perspective and remind you that in the grand scheme of things, it was just one little bump in the road that is your entire life.

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