Black panthers intimidating voters in ohio No charge for im porn dating

Stacey Abrams should immediately denounce the Black Panthers and their hateful record of racism.

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Is it a document aimed at redressing the concerns of all disenfranchised voters, or is it specifically crafted to thwart historic prejudices against minorities?

As a practical matter, disenfranchisement claims against blacks remain the exception.

The New Black Panther Party case "is the backlash of the powerful," says Allan Lichtman, a voting rights expert at American University in Washington.

"Of course, if you search, you can find examples of reverse discrimination, but the overwhelming brunt of discrimination still falls on minorities." But in his testimony Friday, Coates argued that elements of the Justice Department have become predisposed to overlook any alleged incidents of whites being disenfranchised by minorities. The Bush administration's decision to force civil rights attorneys to investigate Ike Brown – the black, Democratic official in Mississippi – caused anger.

From the other tape it was said that one of them lived in the building. My point was the two guys at that polling place were clearly dressed as "black militants" (Black Panthers, who knows).

If the Justice Department had dropped a case involving two robed Klansmen patrolling a polling booth, the outcry would have been deafening, he said.

Dropping the New Black Panther Party case, he said in his testimony, "was intended to send a direct message to people inside and outside the civil rights division.

That message is that the filing of voting cases like the Ike Brown and the NBPP cases would not continue in the Obama administration."Coates also said that before his resignation in 2009, a senior political official ordered him to stop asking job candidates if they'd be willing to prosecute equal-protection cases against whites as well as blacks.

I saw two black men standing in front of some sort of building in Philadelphia, one of whom was holding some sort of stick. As yet, other than the way they were dressed, there is nothing that confirms they were bonafide Black Panthers.

The police arrived, asked them to walk toward the car, and they did. But if a white guy in uniform was standing outside a polling place with a billy club, people would call the police on that, too. Hearts in the right place, but brains hopelessly trapped in some commando movie.

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