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You might have met someone and instantly known to, or not to, trust them.Or maybe you took a different way home because you had a bad feeling about a certain street.So, while our gut feeling is often right, we need to be careful not to allow our subconscious opinions (surrounding appearances) skew our initial perception.The most important takeaway from Blink is not the idea that our snap judgements are often more accurate than our thought-out ones, but more so the idea that they can sometimes be a result of a subconscious racial, socioeconomic, or appearance-based bias.As important as it is to trust our intuition, it’s also important to question it.HUNTER’S MOON is set in Michigan’s wild, starkly beautiful Upper Peninsula, where a cast of recurring characters move into and out of each other’s lives --- building friendships, facing loss, confronting violence, trying to bury the past or seeking to unearth it.The reason why Speed Dating popularity has sky-rocketed is it quite simply takes the time and awkwardness out of dating.Perfectly suited to our fastpaced lifestyle, this is an dating concept that is rapidly spreading all over the world. With a long standing partnership coming up for 10 years with the Mofo Lounge, we choose to run most of our Melbourne Speed Dating events there.

Events do sell out quickly here, if an event you wish to attend is marked as sold out, please email us and we can place you on the reserve list.

The participants are unable to explain why they intuitively felt attracted to their dates.

Gladwell argues that in most cases, this intuition is good, but can sometimes lead us to poor outcomes (he uses the example of Warren Harding, who was elected president because he “looked presidential,” but is noted as one of the worst presidents in American history).

Come and meet 15 similarly aged singles in one fun night of dating.

Originally being based here in Melbourne has certainly helped us, before expanding interstate.

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