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From time to time you look at her big red lips and of course…at her cleavage that she doesn’t hide from you.

The time passes by and all you think to yourself is…I don’t know why, but Bajan girls love to tell stories. She was half-German but she obviously got the from her momma.

Media Fake Out UPDATE March 28, 2011: An ABC spokeswoman tells E! The Pacers won both Games 3 and at Bankers Life Fieldhouse to go up 3-1. The series took a turn for the worst in Indiana, though.It doesn’t surprise me that Barbadian women have been rated the second sexiest women in the world, at least according to 44.873 American men. And you deserve to know that their big butts are not their only assets.​This tiny island in the Caribbean Sea is not only famous for being home to the second sexiest girls in the world.According to the United Nations’ annual Human Development Report, Barbados scores the highest on the Human Development Index among all Caribbean countries.

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