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If I'd had even a little of my senses about me, I probably would have ran back to the closet, grabbed my clothes, and gotten out of there, but I was frozen.Laura tugged me toward the bed and I let her lead me to it and got under the covers. I couldn't imagine her parents' reaction if they woke up and saw me fucking their daughter in the same room as them.After I met her parents--he was a big man and a little burly, but not really fat, and she was slightly chubby and a bit shorter than Laura, who was slim--I went out late Friday night while Laura was with her parents and didn't think about it. "But your parents--" She touched her finger to my lips, shushing me. Come on, I need you inside me tonight." She led me to her room and let me in; the room was completely dark.Saturday night, I had come back from a movie and found Laura at my room. She had a bead curtain that separated the front part of the room from the part where the beds were."I promise that I won't think any of the worse of you.I know that you're a good man and that you didn't do anything to harm anyone." I shifted in my seat, still hesitant to talk about it, but Mom persisted and finally I gave in and told her what had happened earlier in the fall semester.

You might think that that's something pretty unusual for a mother to tell her son, but that was my mom.I relaxed and decided to watch this exhibitionistic pair go at it for as long as I would get away with it.I stroked Laura's nipple and she responded by rocking her ass back at me; I began to grow erect."OK," Mom announced, "we'll set up camp here." The meadow was carpeted with grass and gave a good view of the sky overhead, but the trees were dense all around it; unless you knew the winding trail to get there, you'd never get through the underbrush around it. I started to take the tent out, then stopped as I noticed the odd smile on Mom's face. But I lost, and lost hard, and now I'd have to pay the price. " "Funny you should ask", she said, and began to undo her shorts. Don't even ask what was involved; it was a sucker bet from the beginning, and if I hadn't been so excited by the possibility of what I would win--my own car--I would probably have figured out what she was up to.

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