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Dr Burgess added: "The amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere was too low to enhance the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide sufficiently to warm the planet.However, our results did give a higher than expected pressure reading for carbon dioxide – at odds with the estimates based on fossil soils – which could be high enough to counteract the effects of the faint young Sun and will require further investigation." The paper is titled 'Nitrogen Isotopic Composition and Density of the Archean Atmosphere.' This document is subject to copyright."Argon is a noble gas which, being chemically inert, is an ideal element to monitor atmospheric change.Using the nitrogen and argon measurements we were able to reconstruct the amount and isotope composition of the nitrogen dissolved in the water and, from that, the atmosphere that was once in equilibrium with the water." The researchers found that the partial pressure of nitrogen in the Archean atmosphere was similar, possibly even slightly lower, than it is at present, ruling out nitrogen as one of the main contenders for solving the early climate puzzle.I don't recall him ever hunting with it and it looks very good with some small dings and minor scratches from handling...I had shot it maybe 10 years ago when I went hunting phesant for the 1st time...first time I shot it it slapped me hard (but taught me a lesson) Anyway...I am still in shock a little as I got it from my older brother who has held it since my dad died in 1995...Brother wanted it soooo bad then but when he heard I was thinking about shhoting some trap or going hunting (and I know he never will) he said, want dad's gun... I just like thumbing the lever, cracking it open, and admiring it.

From there, we quickly grew into an award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works.I don't know anything about it other than it has been in the family as long as I can would be appreciated... Thanks, Bill Left side of barrel: Selected Forged Steel Proof Tested 12 Gauge ---2 3/4 inch Chamber-- Side Plate Left Side: Stevens Savage Arms Corporation Chicopee Falls, Mass. I just would like to know more about dad's gun (I can't beleive my older brother gave it to me after hearing of me renewed interest in shotguns) Thanks, Again! (possible 254 proof mark) Plain wood, plain 28" blued barrel with bead front sight (no rib) Side plates of receiver have a case colored (do I have that right???I will just take it out admire it and recall my dad.(I hope I don't recall the time it smacked me in the face, the first time I shot it) If anyone comes up with anything further...please share! My dad was in the Army throughout the 60's and 70's (as well as the 40's n 50's) and it stayed in the back of his closet.

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