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Molitor explained that on Roo — which is available for use on the web because research showed teens didn’t want to download another app — users can choose from a list of popular questions to ignite the process or browse topics like masturbation, pregnancy, and birth control. Offering predetermined questions encourages users to formulate their own questions, Molitor said.And Roo can often predict the kinds of questions they have. It was not long ago, when mobile apps took websites for a run.Apps took user experience and information dissemination to a whole new level.But it’s safe to say Planned Parenthood is satisfying some key strategies for making chatbots work: Less than half a year in, Roo has answered close to 800,000 questions.

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C., lurks behind fake online ads for sex posted by nonprofits working to combat human trafficking, and responds to text messages sent to the number listed.

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Roo (a gender-neutral moniker stemming from “robot”) launched in January.

Its underlying premise is to address the gap in sex ed across the United States, where state policies vary and misinformation on the internet abounds, whether in Google results or on actual forums, Molitor said.

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