Windows 10 includes a “Camera” app for this purpose.

Tap the Windows key to open the Start menu, search for “Camera”, and launch it. The camera app allows you to take photos and record videos.

Like on other operating systems, the Camera app allows you to take photos and apply filters to them.

However, it doesn’t provide a way to record videos.

Open the application launcher and search for “Camera” to find it.

If you don’t see it, you can install it from the Chrome Web Store.

Windows 7 doesn’t provide a built-in way to do this.

If you look through your Start menu, you might find some sort of webcam utility that came installed with your computer.

The “Effects” button will let you apply filters to the photos and videos.The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. This wiki How teaches you how to change a video's vertical or horizontal orientation.You can rotate a video by downloading and using Movie Maker on a Windows computer, Quick Time on a Mac, and free apps on i Phone and Android smartphones.You can also open Launchpad and click the “Photo Booth” icon, or open the Finder, click “Applications”, and double-click the “Photo Booth” application.Use the icons at the bottom-left corner of photo booth to choose either a grid of four photo taken successively, a single photo, or a video.

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