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With a grateful heart he richly adorned thine icon, and falling down before it he called out to thee with tears: Rejoice, life-giving spring of healing; rejoice, heavenly chalice of divine gifts!Rejoice, ever-flowing river of healing; rejoice, sea in which our passions are laid to rest!I also prayed about an ex of mine, who i hadn’t slept with, but wanted to in my heart, and still had some kind of attachment to him.. This demon wants him back, keeps tormenting him, trying to make him give in, but he’s continually fillin up on the Word and it’s empowering him, he’s even encouraging me with so many scriptures. If anyone out there struggles with this I am telling you go to the It is amazing and it will set u free if you do the freedom journey things.

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so he does another fast, (just 24 hours no food only water) and he wakes up masturbating one night while he’s away, calls me, in desperation cos he’s finding it so hard to stop, so i tell him to, start prayin an he manages to stop.We will cover some ground in the next sequences of podcast, and as I did previously I will try to overview the treatment of sexual addiction fundamentally from three perspectives.The first will be the 12-Step traditional fellowship, SA, which is Sexaholics Anonymous.Anyway, on the way back down he’s driving (he was in another state for work when it all came out), he’s crying out to God and God hits him like he’s never been hit before, he gets home n he’s drunk in the Holy Spirit insanely.He prophecies all this stuff over me that is spot on, not to do with him, to do with the fact that God loves me etc.

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