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Join as we travel around the world to exciting destinations and chat with many different people involved in the nudist lifestyle.

Our winter activities continue, with swimming pool visits twice a month; and regular monthly meet-ups at private houses; simple, relaxed evenings of tea and biscuits and banter.These are excerpts taken from our video series with over 260 episodes available right now at Clothes This nudist community will be based on one of their architect's unique designs for homes in the posh Las Palmas area of Palm Springs where the movie stars of today are quickly buying up the original homes of the stars from the 1950's and 1960's This was the next step in the natural progression of Desert Shadows.Now picture yourself walking out the front door of your house.Waving to the neighbor across the street and holding the door open for some of theneighbor children coming to get your child for a game of softball at the local park.

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