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Whereas Indian traditions persist throughout the nation, they are more strongly pronounced in rural and working-class areas.

Most members of the middle and upper classes, however, tend to aspire toward “modern” or Western cultural ideals in their choices of music, clothing, daily entertainment, reading material, and visual arts, in spite of the increasing amount of respect and interest garnered by indigenous art forms.

Bolivia shares Lake Titicaca, the in South America (after Lake Maracaibo), with Peru.

The country has been landlocked since it lost its Pacific coast territory to Chile in the War of the Pacific (1879–84), but agreements with neighbouring countries have granted it indirect access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

In southern Bolivia the Andes become much wider and are formed by a high, tilted block called the Puna, with west-facing escarpments and more gentle eastward slopes down to the plains.

The Puna is broken up by the Valles, a system of fertile valleys and mountain basins that are generally larger and less confined than those in the Yungas.

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Between these ranges lies the Altiplano (“High Plateau”), which extends from southern Peru through Bolivia to northern Argentina.The reality of life for the urban poor, however, is far from the ideal.People in the tropical lowlands generally attend more social gatherings and stay out later than residents of the highlands, where restaurants and clubs tend to close earlier because of the chilly evening temperatures.Bolivia’s mountainous western region, which is one of the highest inhabited areas in the world, constitutes an important economic and political centre.There the Andes reach their greatest breadth and complexity.

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