Conservative women dating

Three years ago I attended the Conservative Political Action Conference and was struck by something I later concluded was probably a figment of my imagination.This year I returned, and, rather than having my recollection dispelled, it was confirmed. No kidding: What’s up with this concentration of incredibly attractive young, conservative women? They are beautiful and stylish in the way French women often are, which is to say in their own way, not in a conforming or predictable way.Where would you go to meet a large number of attractive women who hold more conservative (read: non-SJW, sane) beliefs?My previous gaming approach has focused on college campuses, but they're getting over-run with this nonsense. In the four years I have been here I have found a few, and I go to an ultra liberal college.I'm starting to notice young attractive college girls spouting off SJW nonsense now, because it's what they're being indoctrinated with in school.I don't know how seriously some believe this, but I'm not interested in deprogramming and dating at the same time.

For fun sometimes I change my OKStupid search to Lawrence (University of Kansas) and it's sickening how bad the libtard/SJW stuff is all over people's profiles (Manhattan / Kansas State same way).

I don't know why anyone would put that shit in, it's just another way to scare off people from messaging you.

But maybe just women do that because they get so many messages they can be picky to filter people out based on their profile contents.

That is part of the reason why the two cultures and as a result the women are different in my opinion.

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