Consolidating intercompany inventory

The above posting, is achievable by the BAPI “BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST” Such a custom program can be scheduled as a batch job, during the Month End, so that by Month End, there will be a clear segregationof intercompany and 3rd party PPV.These are the various means in which, the 3rd Party PPV and the intercompany ppv can be segregated.Based on the Vendor/PO Document Type, it will identify the posting as an intercompany PPV.

It will need some config steps as well to achieve the needful. Here a substitution step can be created at the line itemlevel.In Real Time scenarios, it’s not always the case that the PO Price is in sync with the Standard Product Cost and/or the Vendor invoice amount. Purchase Price Variance is generally the difference arising out of a GR and/or IR, as compared to the PO price. And hence it amounts to loss of 200 USD, which is booked to the PPV account. Let’s say it has one material in the line item,whose standard product cost is 1000 USD. Point to note is that, GR generally happens at a standard price and the GR IR clearing always happens atthe PO price. What this means practically is, a goods whose price is 1000 USD in the books of the company, has been purchased at a higher price that is1200 USD.The following example shows such a transaction when company B0002 buys software for company B0001: When the transactions are exclusively within the organization, you can eliminate the whole transaction when you set up your Consolidations process.In the following example, Company B0001 sold services to Company B0002.

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