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Doug is a pragmatic coach with a personalized approach to sexual addiction, marital problems, and intimacy issues.

He and his team conduct a thorough assessment of new clients to design a therapeutic program that will address that particular person’s particular problems.

And, if they do, they get better.” A majority of Doug’s clients live out of state and fly in to work with him and his team.

Heart to Heart Counseling Center offers three-day and five-day intensive coursework to quickly set clients on the path to recovery.

This private counseling center in Colorado Springs offers therapeutic resources and services for singles and couples in crisis.

He can bring both professional knowledge and personal experience to the table, and that makes his insights all the more compelling and trustworthy.Teenagers, singles, and couples have all benefited from these high-impact counseling sessions. The counselors personalize the coursework to meet the needs of the individual(s) seeking assistance. Doug had definite exercises and therapy tools to get to the heart of the problem,” said C.B., a client who traveled from Oregon to take a marriage intensive.It took him years of counseling to recover his health and happiness, but once he’d made it out of the darkness, he discovered his calling in life is to light the way for others.Now Doug is 30 years sober and happily married, and he runs Heart to Heart Counseling Center as a beacon of hope to couples everywhere.

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