Daddy complex dating

So, even girls who had loving fathers can actually have a father complex. I had a great dad, but as a result, most of the men I had relationships with never lived up to my standards.Let’s look at what happens when the opposite happens. They were never as emotionally available or unselfish as my Dad was.If a woman’s daddy always opened his wallet every time she asked for something, well, then she might expect every man to do that.

[Read: 30 traits that make any girl a feisty, independent girl with a dangerous streak] #12 She expects men to pay all the time.[Read: 15 things you MUST know about dating a girl with daddy issues] #2 She doesn’t trust men.Come on, if you were neglected by your father, you wouldn’t trust men either, right?#4 She has a pattern of choosing men wo don’t treat her well. I mean, let’s say your parent abuses you, then wouldn’t you think you would go find someone who treats you well? A woman with a father complex will subconsciously be drawn to men who treat her like crap – just like her dad did.That’s because it’s familiar to her, even though she doesn’t like it.

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