Dana tyler still dating phil collins

After a promotion in April, she now co-anchors the two evening newscasts with Jim Rosenfield and hosts CBS 2 at the Met on Sunday mornings.“I have survived because I’ve worked hard and I have a good attitude,” Ms. “I had one sick day last year, one sick day the year before. As usual, she responded promptly: “It’s been a very unusual day. “I remember at the time I said, ‘I just do not understand why there’s not a man in your life, Dana.’ She just looked and said, ‘I don’t know.’ But there is now, I guess.”Ms.

I’m still sort of the same person I was as a kid, never missing school.”Ms. Thanks for your kind thoughts.”“When I left the station in August a year ago, she came into town for the party,” said Mr. Tyler has a reputation for honesty around the station. Tyler used to needle her colleagues for playing what she thought was a stuffy game.

Tyler also hosts the occasional special about the New York theater community, including CBS 2 on the Aisle and Broadway Under the Stars, a program airing on July 15. “If she doesn’t like your tie,” said weatherman John Bolaris, “she’ll tell you she doesn’t like it.” She’s given to bouts of extravagance, such as treating the entire on-air crew to dinner at Nobu this April, before the start of May sweeps.

She remembered attending 50-cent matinees at a local high school with her mother and sister.“Every show is like the only show there ever was,” she said. the big, omnipresent 80’s Phil Collins had gone, you know? She’s “very professional, very gracious, very warm,” said former WCBS political producer Alex Benes. Tyler is also an admitted clotheshorse and has kept a daily log of outfits since high school.

Tyler holds American nationality and is African American as per her ethnicity.From 1992 she was featured on 5 pm and 11 pm newscast.At that time she was only an African American team in the New York market as an anchor of the newscast.Dana Tyler's net worth is estimated to be about million at present.Tyler is paid a good amount of salary from her career.

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