Dating a man with type 1 diabetes

He told me I would need laser therapy in order to try to save my vision.

I was so frightened about the actual laser treatment and whether this would save my sight or not.

The nurse explained that he had had diabetes longer than I had and already knew how. I ended up spending 1 month in the hospital learning everything.

Speaking of testing, way back then, 1969, we were using test tubes, drops of urine and water and then put a Clinitest tablet into the tube to get a certain color.

I had to drop out of school due to treatment and recovery time.

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He learned quickly how to give me a test, what physical signs to look for and their meanings and even how to give an injection. At age 28 we married and have been now for 30 years. I was more in tune with what was going on with my body and blood testing had gotten SO MUCH better. No more injections, except to change my site, and having ready access to giving myself insulin when my blood sugar is high and to be able to cover the carbohydrates that I eat at meals, WITHOUT HAVING TO INJECT insulin is amazing.

Catherine Lawrence celebrates 50 years of living with type 1 on Divabetic’s 9th Year Anniversary podcast with music from P! Below, Catherine shares her successes as well as a few stumbles from living life with type 1 diabetes to the fullest! I was 9 years old when I was diagnosed [with type 1 diabetes] and it was very traumatic, not just for me but for my mother as well.

I remembered that it took two aides at the hospital to hold me down for my very first blood test.

Blue (negative for sugar) was the best and brown (very positive for sugar) was the worst.

And, that is how I had to do ALL my urine tests for the next well over 10 years or so. But, being so young, thankfully I was not going out many places except for school and to play.

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