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As many as 10 different preparation, cutting, or analysis stations may be set up to accommodate the core with additional processing being performed off the main line if required.A NSF-ICF staff member measures a section of the WAIS Divide ice core as it begins its journey down a CPL.NSF-ICF is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Polar Programs and operated by the U. The National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) was established in 1993 and renamed in 2018 to the National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility (NSF-ICF).NSF-ICF is located at the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado, and is funded by the NSF.

By investigating past climate fluctuations, scientists hope to be able to understand the mechanisms by which climate change is accomplished, and in so doing, they hope to develop predictive capabilities for future climate change. Scientific management is provided by the University of New Hampshire.The National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility (NSF-ICF) — formerly the U. National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) — is a facility for storing, curating, and studying meteoric ice cores recovered from the glaciated regions of the world.It provides scientists with the capability to conduct examinations and measurements on ice cores, and it preserves the integrity of these ice cores in a long-term repository for current and future investigations.A frequent activity that is held at NSF-ICF is what is called a core processing line, or CPL, for short.When a new ice core arrives at NSF-ICF, researchers from around the country, including young scientists working on their doctorates, gather at NSF-ICF for the CPL.

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