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Fugawee has well over 100 pewter buttons to choose privately are exclusive, some for clubs some for resale by the buyer.

Some we make because we have a lot of people asking for them.

Anything from ‘The Queens Loyal Rangers” to a teddy bear button. If you need a button with your logo or name on it let us know.

We can engrave on existing buttons or make you your own line of buttons. We have over 210 Buttons styles of historic buttons that Fugawee manufactures. We have 132 M, which is an “I” Infantry Eagle pewter button.

It is intended that the periodic updates will also include amendments and additions, as more information becomes available.

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The list that follows identifies British manufacturers and the backmarks they used from the earliest ones recorded until about the middle of the twentieth century.The backmarks consist of the company’s name (or initials) alone, or the name and address together.They also occasionally include a pictorial trademark, such as the Prince of Wales plume found on Jennens’ buttons from 1860.It is also inevitable that the list will contain errors, both as a result of transcribing the information, and because of the use of secondary sources, which, as indicated above, are sometimes at variance with each other.Similarly, there will be omissions from the list, both in respect of the names of companies, and the backmarks for those that are listed.

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