Dating during trial separation

If the goal is to find out if they can break patterns and develop a healthy relationship and/or fall back in love, then dating others is too much of a distraction.

The single life can seem alluring and interesting and commitments become less important.

It also gives you a common goal and something to look forward to.

However, sometimes setting things up before hand isn’t possible because one spouse wants to “wait and see” or is reluctant to commit to regular dating.

That seems to run against what many people might think.

Often couples believe that they need to stay together in order to try to work things out; however, there are times when the space and distance offered by a trial separation can make a big difference by interrupting destructive patterns and giving couples the space to each think about the problems and their own part in the “dance“.

This is a good time for you and your spouse to date each other, not other people.

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With that being said, many who claim a need for a trial separation are doing so because they have found or think that they will find someone else.If You Can, Agree On The Specifics Of The Dating Before The Separation Actually Takes Place: The optimal way to approach this is to agree with your spouse on how this is going to go before one of you actually leaves the home.So many couples leave this open ended and when they do, it’s my experience that things are less likely to go well.They may already be involved in an affair or intrigued by someone special or by the single life.Their plan, no matter what they say, is to explore other options.

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