Dating fears rejection

It takes courage and creativity to bring a gentle awareness to what we may like to push away.As we become more confident that we can be with whatever experience arises as a result of connecting with people, we can initiate, deepen, and enjoy relationships in a more relaxed and fulfilling way.If we risk opening our heart to someone who rejects us, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.We can allow ourselves to feel sorrow, loss, fear, loneliness, anger, or whatever feelings arise that are part of our grieving.The fear of rejection can prevent you from moving forward and trying new things.

Our aversion to unpleasant experiences prompts behaviors that don’t serve us.

I hope I’m not making this sound easy--or that we can heal on our own without support.

I’ve often been in the room with clients who have experienced a devastating loss when their hopes and expectations were rudely dashed, especially when old traumas were being reactivated.

Being a decent person requires finding equanimity, even joy, in the other's unilateral decision and moving on... I don't learn as well from failure as from success.

Rejection means my life experience counts for less.

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