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In addition Nigeria's power generating Monopoly NEPA was subjected to slow attrition so that in the end it was useless to everybody including its own offices, to which it could not assure a steady supply of electricity light for a few malnourished, short hours in every single day.

So coupled with a shortage of petrol to power cars and NEPA, and the delinquency of NEPA itself in generating a steady stream of power for the factories to use and increase capacity, Nigeria soon started to die a slow death.

We are all afraid of the fracture having to stand up to the ruling oligarchy for the next four years or so will definitely afflict our lives with.

I say it is deja vu because, rearrange a few deck chairs on this our new Titanic, and you will surely begin to feel like these were the first years of the protracted struggle to 1)Wrestle power from General Sanni Abacha and 2)if possible reclaim the mandate which Nigerians had freely given Moshood Abiola to become President.

It was the first time I had left him, since I adopted him in March. Still a lot more heat for us, but school has started this week, and the days will be getting shorter.

My friend Donna, does doggy day board and care, and she made the process much easier for me.

The overall aim was to ensure that all movements of huge funds in the economy be in rotation among the Military government's bosses, who could now dispense them by way of favours in exchange for fealty.

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We wrapped up summer with a few days at Sunset Beach. We were able to escape the triple digit temps here in the Inland area where we live. But first, the hardest part, dropping off my baby, Duke.

Since government must necessarily abhor a vacuum, the option of Moshood Abiola as a resurgent President riding into Abuja to reclaim his mandate appeared to be God-sent.

However to each new declaration by pro-democracy did Abacha enact a new draconian decree until it almost became Treason to speak Abiola's name within earshot of a Military officer.

We got back into town, and upon leaving the house to pick up Duke, I spotted a terrible sight. School would be postponed one week, and many people's lives were affected by this senseless act of arson.

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