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There are additional third-party clients and services available, but only the ones listed are supported by Umbrella.

Many people get a dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to them by their ISP or network operator. If you're not sure which one you have, you likely have a dynamic IP address but contact your ISP to be sure.

And just recently in October 2016, an attack against Dyn DNS took down major chunks of the internet, including and more.

In such cases, Smart Cache fixes the inaccessibility problem and allows people to visit those sites despite the authoritative server outage.

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Smart Cache is turned on by default for all users and only applies to queries where the authoritative server hands back a SERVFAIL response code or the query simply goes unanswered.

Dyn Site is a shareware, that is you can try it for free for 30 days then you have to register your copy to obtain a license code (also called a serial number) if you want to keep using it.

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