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When I was single, I thought, when I meet someone, then I’ll go camping and get a dog. So I bought a tent, took my son camping, and eventually adopted a dog.By doing what you love, you are already more attractive but don’t do what you love in hopes of meeting someone. Being single is a great time to look within to see what you have to offer a person in a relationship and what you hope to learn about yourself in a committed relationship.We broke up and I thought, I’ll take a break but then I thought, no, I want relationship, I’m going to keep going, and the next week I met my now-boyfriend.Stay in fantasy: Get very real about what you are looking for.

I have a client who met a cute guy online but it fizzled before they actually met.

But when you hit your 30s, more people are career-focused and a lot of people have settled into partnership so your social circles are divided between single and married and are probably smaller.

In your 40s it switches again with divorce, kids, career changes, etc.

Misrepresent yourself: If you are looking for a real relationship make sure your words and pictures tell that story.

Too often my clients tell me what they want from a committed partner and then I take a look at their profile and they are totally misrepresenting themselves. Stay present to each date as being an opportunity to meet someone new, have fun and explore different ways of communicating.

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