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Even once I finished the game, I was surprised to learn there's a whole new area to explore, with extra dungeons, more powerful items and new bosses, one of whom can even (kind of) rewrite a big part of the story.This content isn't a limited-time event; it doesn't go away. And perhaps the most beautiful thing of all is that you won't see a single ad from the time you boot up the game to the time the end credits roll.In order to play Dragon Quest III, you go to your app store of choice and spend up front.That may sound like a frankly inconceivable amount of money for gamers who are used to F2P titles, but remember: you pay for it only once. No matter how many hours you put into DQ3 (which is about 25 for the main story, with another 10 for the postgame content), you'll never pay another cent for it.(Readers under the age of 25 or so may not believe this, but this is pretty much how all video games used to work.)Compare and contrast with Clash of Clans, one of the most popular F2P games in both the Android and i OS app stores right now. will buy you 1,200 "gems," which act as premium currency in the game.These gems don't give you access to anything you can't get by playing the game for free, although in a practical sense, they're the only way to unlock some of the higher-level content.

As a more fleshed-out experience, doesn’t it deserve our full attention, rather than treating it as just another casual distraction?

Turn-based battles, big (but clearly demarcated) worlds to explore, equipment to juggle, side quests to finish — they're just the right combination of busywork and narrative.

After all, games that demand your full attention at all times don't work that well when you're starting at a five-inch screen on the subway; games that offer nothing but simplistic, repetitive gameplay will become grating long before you get to the ending.

Later in the game, you can change their classes and names. You can store any excess equipment in a bottomless bag; you never have to "earn" more storage space.

Every single one of these features would nickel-and-dime an F2P gamer, either in premium currency or in time wasted.

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