Dating reading mens body language

There are too many explanations for this to go into here, one being that it means she unconsciously exposes her inner wrist and forearm - an erogenous zone - suffice to say that it is well accepted and established as an unconscious - or conscious - flirting gesture.

Pointing her knees towards you that a woman is feeling relaxed and at ease with you.

One theory estimated that around 90% of the "meaning" derived through human interaction is made through non verbal communication.

That theory is however now widely regarded as flawed, with most researchers and experts now broadly agreeing on a figure of around 50-60% of all human interaction and communication as being non verbal.

But if during that conversation she makes certain other subtle gestures as well, then there is the It also needs to be borne in mind that there is a cultural element involved in this, in that in one country a gesture may mean one thing and in another country mean something completely different, like an insult for example.

Various and varying claims have been made about the "percentage" significance of body language in human communication.

Obviously there's a difference between "soft" eye contact and a forceful and penetrating stare, which could tend to indicate a predatory nature or thoughts.

If he's avoiding eye contact then for whatever reason he's feeling uncomfortable or insecure about you.

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If she holds the eye contact then she's interested in Generally the more her eyes linger on you the more she's interested in you.

The same applies to you, in that you are consciously or more likely unconsciously picking up on what other people are really thinking about someone or something through their body language.

This applies whether or not verbal language is being used as well.

One of the more obvious signs relates to eye contact.

If she won't look you in the eye or hold the look for more than a couple of seconds then she may well not be interested.

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