Dating selfish lover

If you think you might be dating a selfish guy, look out for these warning signs: He talks about himself so much that he never gets around to asking about you. He has no problem retelling every account of his day, but when you start talking about yours, his eyes glaze over from boredom. He’d rather hang out by himself/with his bros than with you.

He never asks about your day or how you’re feeling. There’s nothing wrong with spending quality time alone or with his friends, but he should want to spend time with his girlfriend too.

But the second you need him to switch roles, he’s immediately busy. Rarely will he treat you to a night that is focused on you alone.

At the same time, gifts are only given once you’ve given him something. After being in a relationship with someone, it’s always nice to have some time alone.

On the off chance he does surprise you with a gift, it’s only to get back into your good graces.

He never gives just to give or because he truly wants to.

He runs to you for emotional support when things aren’t going well. Your guy only gives two ounces of care when he is impacted. When he has a bad day at work the world is horrible, but if you are stressed about school, he’s not too caring or compassionate. When you’re in between the sheets, you know that in order to get your fill, he has to have his.

When the two of you have a conversation, it is all about him.

He’ll tell you how his day went, how school is going, and how he’s feeling, but he rarely reciprocates with questions of his own.

Bonus points if he cops an attitude when you decide to turn the tables and hang with your girls. Granted, he might not be dressing you (ahem, Kanye West) but he definitely wants all the power in the relationship. He’s never once gone out of his to do something nice for you.

He tries to act it’s because he wants to take care of you, but you know that’s not true. You’re a great girlfriend, always surprising him with little things and going that extra mile to make sure he’s happy. And no, that one time he remembered to put the toilet seat down doesn’t count.

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