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Extra capacity was obtained by sacrificing the error correction (it was believed that minor errors in the datastream would go unnoticed by the viewer). VCD enjoyed a brief period of success, with a few major feature films being released in the format (usually as a 2 disc set).However the introduction of the CD-R disc and associated recorders stopped the release of feature films in their tracks because the VCD format had no means of preventing unauthorized (and perfect) copies from being made.

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Whether or not by design or by coincidence, this has also helped to thwart the circumstance that the VCD had in the intervening years become the medium of choice for the dissemination of pirated copies, especially in Africa and eastern Asia where the problem of piracy was particularly pervasive.However, they are less widely playable in some Blu-ray Disc players and video game consoles such as the Sony Play Station 3/4 due to lack of support for backward compatibility of the older MPEG-1 format.The Video CD standard was created in 1993 This 30 cm (12 in) disc could hold an hour of analog audio and video (digital audio was added a few years later) on each side.One of the studios Philips obtained licenses from was Paramount Pictures and, starting in 1993, began to release the Star Trek films in the new format in Europe and North America.The first release was , concurrently one of the very first titles released in the new format, which for the US, UK, France, and Germany was pressed on the CD-i disc variant, whereas the rest of Europe received the proper VCD variant.

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