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), have ended up in hospital with severe dehydration, have cancelled holidays, had to leave jobs and got extenuating circumstances in college for exams and continuous assessment markings.

It got to the point where I weighed about 8st and my hip bones jutted out under my debs dress.A lot of my friends didn’t really understand exactly what Crohn’s was at first, same with my family and of course, I don’t blame them, I barely knew what it was.To be honest, I still don’t think they really understand how it affects me both physically and mentally, I mean how can they?The first thing I ingest every morning (even before a cuppa) are anti-inflammatory drugs. These were the constant questions I asked myself every day for three months straight.Then, after brekkie, there’s the immunosuppressant drugs, an anti-spasm tablet and a multi-vitamin. It’s hard to come to terms with something so life-changing, and not for the better.

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