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Coming from a poor family in eastern Burundi in the province of Ruyigi, Francine Niyonsaba has gone on to become an icon in world athletics.She recently won the 800m at the IAAF World Indoor Championships Birmingham 2018.In the world of sport, she is ranked second behind the FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura by Forbes.Born in northern Burundi, Marie Louise Sibazuri is a teacher, playwright and director.Her plays have been performed throughout Burundi as well as in neighbouring countries.In the 1990s she refused an offer to work in the Burundian parliament after a shootout that killed her husband.Among the victims was an unidentified young woman whose lifeless body was found floating in a river.A police agent also shot and killed a bicycle transporter in Bujumbura at close range.

A note from the Makebuko municipal administrator requires officials to contribute up to 1000 francs each, and farmers to give 500 francs each.divided by a white diagonal cross into red panels (top and bottom) and green panels (hoist side and fly side) with a white disk superimposed at the center bearing three red six-pointed stars outlined in green arranged in a triangular design (one star above, two stars below); green symbolizes hope and optimism, white purity and peace, and red the blood shed in the struggle for independence; the three stars in the disk represent the three major ethnic groups: Hutu, Twa, Tutsi, as well as the three elements in the national motto: unity, work, progress This vegetation anomaly satellite image distinguishes healthy and drought-withered vegetation ringing Lake Victoria.Regions that are drier than normal are brown, while areas with thicker, healthier vegetation are green. SOS-Torture/Burundi was initiated with the aim of informing national and international opinion about serious human rights violations under way in Burundi through monitoring reports on torture, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, sexual violence and summary executions.This initiative to inform about the country's realities followed the carnage of around 100 people killed on 11 and 12 December 2015 by police and soldiers under the pretext of pursuing rebels who had just attacked military camps on the outskirts of the capital city.

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