Dating yoga goddess

The ironic thing about being a man magnet is the fact that you don’t need one. In reality, planning your next move not only makes you feel phony, but it’s pretty obvious on his end as well.

Spend your days loving your Goddess self and you’ll attract men like crazy. To get him to think of you constantly, you need to love yourself completely.

Imagine if everyone still thought the world was flat, (there are still a few non-believers out there).

Before the retreat, the woman overflowing with love had drawn a Goddess Card for each of us. The words on her card it said, “Don’t Back Down” and Stand up for what you believe is right. I will be sharing some things here on Dina for you to try out and see what a good fit or you is.Adorn yourself with your favorite jewelry and accessories.Take time out of your day to rejuvenate your body with energy clearing baths.Intoxicate him with your confidence and Goddess presence.You need to rid yourself of your insecurities so that you can be receptive and present with him 100%. Dina is the founder and love ambassador of Dina Colada.

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