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DAVID ARCHULETA Of course Archie (archuleta) DAVID ARCHULETA for so many reasons *he's super talented and super adorable *One of the most down to earth stars you will ever meet *one of the most liked contestants on the show (American idol) * Has 2 albums out both hit #2 on the billboards * He's first single crush has sold over a million copies it also reached the #2 spot on the Billboard hot 100 *…

David Cook is from Blue Springs, Missouri, of whom had bought a house with a wine cellar over at Lee's Summit few years ago after his debut album came out and also recently bought another home that have a recording studio in LA, of where he share that house with Neal Tiemann and brother, Andrew. He has a rosary cross on several pictures which a company made specially for him.

The record company, RCA will pushed the release date to early 2011, when his album isn't completely done yet. His last album was 3 yrs ago (2011), it flopped miserably.

No airplay, label dumped him, unable to land another deal.

As a solo artist, three: 1) Analog Heart (2006) 2) Unreleased Album (Unnamed) (circa 2007) 3) David Cook - David Cook (2008) With his previous band, Axium: 1) 2001 Demo albums (unreleased) - Axium 2) 2002 A Matter of Time - Axium 3) 2003 Blindsided - Axium 4) 2004 The Story Thus Far - Axium 5) 2004 Alive in Tulsa (Welcome To the Funeral) - Axium 5) Some live recordings, notably the Cain Ballroom recordings…

No they are not related i had a behind the seens talk with the two before the finale of American Idol No they are not related i had a behind the seens talk with the two before the finale of American Idol Some of his influences are Our Lady Peace, Collective Soul, Big Wreck, Injected, The Nixons and 8stops7.

But, he later dumped her, since he realized he was too busy with his career to date DAVID ARCHULETA IS THE BETTER SINGER. but their both hot.................................kidding their both not hot but if i had to say wich one i would have to say david archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait maybe I have once or twice.its hard for me to say....sorry i couldn't be of any more assistance.. "When you find you, come back to me" He is saying that there must be something missing in "life" perhaps of maybe he would be perffering to a girl that walked out on him in his life time. Sensitive the one who never let the worst get the best of him get the best of him This city feels low against the gleam and the glow of…

Or maybe he's not reffering to anyone, or anything?! David knew a little boy who was on his way home one night (on a bike) he was almost home but got hit by a car.

She is the only solo country artist in the 2000s to have a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, the only country artist to debut at number one on the Hot 100, and the woman with most number-one hits in the history of the Billboard Country Airplay chart, with fifteen.Underwood won three Grammy Awards for the album, including Best New Artist. It had one of the biggest-ever opening weeks by a female artist and earned Underwood two Grammy Awards.Her next album, 2009's Play On, was a commercial success led by the single "Cowboy Casanova".She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005.Her debut single, "Inside Your Heaven", is the only country song to debut at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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