Definition of liquidating damages

Nelly, who was driving the other car, suffered whiplash, and a strain to her shoulder.

The rear end of Nelly’s small car was crushed severely by Tim’s pickup truck.

There are rules governing the award of punitive damages.

There are many types of damages awarded in order to compensate people in either civil or criminal court cases.Tim, who tries to tell police that Nelly stopped “out of nowhere,” and that it was her fault because her brake light didn’t work, refuses to pay for her expenses.Nelly files a civil lawsuit requesting ,521 for repairs to her car, and ,500 for medical expenses.Compensatory damages are the most commonly awarded type of damages, as they are intended to compensate the plaintiff for loss of money or property due to the defendant’s actions.Compensatory damages, also known as “actual damages,” pay for such losses as damage to the plaintiff’s car in an accident, injuries sustained in a slip-and-fall accident, or money lost due to the defendant’s breach of contract.

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