Dinner dating in orange county

What’s a special date night without a special and exciting menu to compliment it?

And if you’re planning your romantic getaway for this summer, Costa Mesa Restaurant Week is gearing up for its second year, Aug. Take the opportunity to try a new Costa Mesa restaurant at special prices, every night during your stay!

“It’s like my one friend from back home who has this, like, really weird vagina.” Uh oh.

“It’s just always been that,” Gina continues with more details than anyone should really have to hear. Housewife Shannon Beador goes shopping for new exercise equipment even though she’d really rather just not exercise, and she absolutely does not miss the exercise bike that her ex took with him when he split, because it hurt her in the very same place that Gina’s hysterical friend gets made fun of on the regular.

Nothing like a live theater performance, dance show or night at the symphony to make for an extraordinary date night!

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Orange County has some of California’s most loved and respected restaurants run by award-winning chefs.As Louis, the patient poker instructor, went over the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em – which, it turns out, is not what Kelly did on her date with a Houston Rocket – he dealt a pair of fives and explained that everybody shares these. The majority of it came fast and furious and very, very loudly at the end of the dinner party and poker night, once they were tipsy and emotional, with Gina singled out by Emily’s husband Shane for being over the loud, drunk and foul-mouthed line. “Particularly loud, cackling, older women is not my cup of tea,” he continues.“Loud groups of women is not my cup of tea,” Shane tells Emily the next day, and the first thought that comes to mind is … The first Thursday of every month is the First Thursdays Art Walk, when local galleries and the Laguna Art Museum stay open from 6 to 9 PM.Five episodes into her tenure on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Long Island transplant Gina Kirschenheiter thinks she’s figured out what is wrong with Orange County women, or girls, as she calls her 40- and 50-something-year-old cast mates.

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