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SUNDAY PHOTOGRAPHY - if taking pictures is your thing, we'd love for people to come and take pictures at the event and capture some of the magic.

You don't have to be a professional paparazzi with expensive camera gear - as you long as you bring enthusiasm, and can spare a few hours of your time, we'd really appreciate your help.

After donation, you should be able to live a pretty normal life.

You'll have to take pain pills for a short time after surgery.

The waste and extra water become urine.) Your kidneys release hormones that control blood pressure. When they don’t work, you need treatment to stay healthy. If someone you know or love needs a kidney, you might have thought about giving them one of yours.

Here are answers to common questions about this big decision.

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He’ll check your blood and urine, and he may do an ultrasound or take X-rays of your kidneys.

We are so excited to welcome our amazing partners, performers and attendees over the weekend.

The aim of Coldfire Festival is to promote the power of the arts and sport to energise, connect and improve the wellbeing of young people in East London.

You can donate a kidney to a family member or friend who needs one. Doctors call this a “nondirected” donation, in which case you might decide to meet the person you donate to, or choose to stay anonymous.

Either way, doctors will give your kidney to the person who needs it most and is the best match.

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