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The main crop of the Tainos was cassava (Manihot esculenta) grating or “cool” getting a mass of which elaborated the cazabí or cassava (currently, cassava), a species of dry bread or cake, previously toasted in a buren and constituted their staple food.

Hunting For hunting birds and other animals, such as ischemia, guinea pig, hutias, iguanas, alligators, etc. When Christopher Columbus found the American continent back in October 12, 1492 he was under the impression of being at or close to India, in his quest for a quicker trade route.What he found were the Tainos, an indigenous culture that populated many of the Caribbean islands.The chief was distinguished by the guanine or gold disc hanging on his chest, and the use of belts made of cotton braided with rhinestone beads and shells, as well as ribbons worn in the head, inserted with a guaiza or small central dial.When the boss was out for a journey far from the village, his subjects would carry him on a litter of wood and straw, while his children would follow carried on the shoulders.

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