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"I hope that I can open doors." Like Berkeley's Hung, Chen's career was accidental.He spent his rebellious teens shuttling across the Pacific between Vancouver and Hong Kong, at one point ending up on his own in New York City. I was alone there and I had too much freedom maybe, I would say, for a 16-year-old," he says.The orange-and-tan Chinese-themed result, called the Clot Kiss of Deaths, became a small sensation in the hermetic world of sneaker-obsessives (released in May, they now go for more than 0 on e Bay), and led to contracts to redesign Levi's jeans and Pepsi cans.

Not only does bootlegging hit the companies financially, it diminishes brand value.

I think this is the way to start getting it deep into the roots of our people, where they can really understand what is going on," he says.

"We're trying to make it localized so that they're not saying, 'Oh yeah, this is what's hot in America.' We're trying to make it so that this is what's hot in China." In an odd way, Chen returns to North America with a backstory that encapsulates the new China's image of itself, embracing a new world of consumer-goods, adeptly future-oriented in its decision-making, formerly belittled but now respected.

He debuted in 2000's "Gen-Y Cops," a farcical sequel to "Gen-X Cops." "I've filmed a lot of bad movies before," Chen chuckles. With growing confidence, he began to rethink his public image.

"I was thrust into Hong Kong and I didn't really know what was going on here. As his contract with EEG was ending, Chen approached the company and asked to produce his next album.

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