Effective dating in peoplesoft

I found this site by chance it was link from a company called Metasource Incorporated. We might pull in ps_location_tbl for a custom lov but we have a data warehouse...a materialized view containing a current employee snapshot... Thats what I keep trying to tell them here that the primary universe should only report on current info thus removing the need for the effective dating joins meaning better performance, but thats not how they want it, they want the world on a stick. I am suprised you are having an issue with reporting against psft hr. You may just want constrain the ps_job table with the correlated sub-query. EFFDT Ive got the sub query on job, but the users want to report on history for everything at any point in time so just selecting the max date for other tables wouldnt work. If anyone has experience of it let me know the pro's and con's._________________Business Objects v5, v6, XI R2 and R3.1. OBIEE 10g - 11g (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition), OWB 10g, 11g (Oracle warehouse builder). PS_JOB.rowid=(select /* index_desc (c ps_job) */rowid from ods.ps_job c where c.emplid=ODS. EMPLID and c.effdt Hi, Steve you get about a bit, have seen you name in a number of places even one of the entries on the Bus Obj KB makes references to you. We rarely ever report of the People Soft transactional tables. I dont know how BO feel about this but I would guess there not to happy about it, if people only wanted to use BO for Peoplesoft reporting there would defiantly be a strong argument to go with the Psoft solution. Last updated on APRIL 01, 2019 People Soft Enterprise SCM Purchasing - Version 9.2 to 9.2 [Release 9]Information in this document applies to any platform. What are the effects of having multiple effective dated Speed Charts if they are inactivated, etc. If a table has effdt or any date as a key field and if the requirement is such that to fetch latest information from this table we can simply write a query that fetches latest data using a subquery.

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You really need to consider creating some sort of reporting table(s) to help get you around the effective dating problems. And as Anita said I believe it is not the tool but the DB causing the performance issue.He was also fond of dressing up in a cloak and playing ethereal music on the glass harmonica whilst this was happening.At the same time, the nature of “ordinary” consciousness is better understood as a series of trance states that we go into and out of all the time.These practices tend to be for magical or religious purposes, such as divination or communicating with gods and spirits. Then during working hours let the user slice and dice the report without going back to the server. Create a table or tables at night that are sub-sets of the transaction system tables. Im not to worried about SAP its the new People Soft reporting application Im worried about. Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP Powered by php BB © php BB Group Generated in 0.0313 seconds using 17 queries.

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