Expiration dating for laboratory reagents and solutions

Sample Storage The storage of samples is extremely important to ensure the integrity of the material.

Once sample containers are received into the laboratory, the containers should be stored in a centralized location until testing is started.

Most laboratories will assign a unique standard number and complete corresponding paperwork indicating the standard’s name, lot number, purity, expiration date, and drying requirements.

USP has a bimonthly publication that reports expiration dates.

Reagents or Solutions Chemicals, reagents, and solutions must be stored in the laboratory in a manner that considers safety, chemical integrity, and efficient management.

Reserve samples are typically pulled during inspection sampling and/or final packaging.

The reserve samples are maintained at warehouse conditions and evaluated once a year for signs of deterioration.

Upon completion of testing, most laboratories require solutions to be retained, even if the solution has expired, until data review is complete.

If there is a need for an investigation, the expired solutions may be used for information.

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